Why some countries are detected incorrectly?

There are Geolocation or GeoIP services on the Internet, such as, which try to determine the location of your IP address as you access them. Usually this works fine. For instance, the German user would see that his connection is coming from Finland with such a service.

However, these services don't always work as expected since geolocating IP addresses are not always reliable. Sometimes the IP addresses in question may be owned by multi-national companies, e.g. a Dutch company may own IP addresses which are located in Japan. There are multiple different GeoIP database providers who try to map the IP addresses to different countries and cities but these databases are not comprehensive and may not have the correct information to handle the request properly. The IP addresses in Japan example may still show up as Dutch IP addresses according to GeoIP services.

All the virtual locations available for AnonymousVPN are located in those countries that we display in our user interface even if a GeoIP service may suggest otherwise.

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